Trebic lies on the both sides of the Jihlava river. This river is a naturalistic centre line of this town and of the whole region. Trebic has been for a long time an important business, political and cultural centre of the Southwest Moravia. The Black Monk convention built a remarkable Romanesque- Gothic basilica and new monastery houses about the middle of 13th century, St. Prokop and Panny Marie. There were town fortifications built in the 14th century which protect the town till 18th century, when it inhibited from the town extension.

Before the battle at “Bila hora” Trebic was a significant centre of Unitas Fratrum. The 19th century brought many big changes to Trebic as well. The Secession evangelic church at Brafova street (1910), the othodox church of St. Vaclav and Ludmila at the Gorazdovo square, the house of “Mestska sporitelna” at the Karolo square are worth the visit too.

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Basilica of the Virgin and St.Prokop
Basilica - entrance